Team17 is a leading video games label and creative partner for independent (“indie”) developers. The Group supports both owned first party IP and third party IP–through partnering with indie developers globally – in the development and publishing of games across multiple platforms typically for a fixed revenue share. The Group focuses on premium, rather than free to play games, and its portfolio comprises over 90 games, including the iconic and well-established Worms franchise, as well as Overcooked and The Escapists.

Key strengths and competitive advantages:

Team17 offers a comprehensive range of resources to development partners

  • Team17 has built an award winning in-house team capable of delivering all workflows required to successfully launch a game including cross platform development, sales, marketing, PR and release management
  • The Group is able to tailor its level of engagement with developers and creators to deliver a bespoke service to each of its partners

Outstanding financial profile

  • Since launching its premium games label in 2014, Team17 has delivered a revenue CAGR of 69% (31 December 2015 to 31 December 2017), with revenues increasing to £29.6m (2016: £13.5m) and Adjusted EBITDA1 increasing to £12.9m (2016: £6.1m)
  • The Company has an international footprint and a diverse revenue base, with no single title or sales platform dependency
  • Revenue model underpinned by mix of first party and third party IP:
    • First party IP provides a 100% revenue participation e.g. Worms, The Escapists
    • Third party IP provides development funding based on milestone payments and a revenue share model e.g. Overcooked, Yooka-Laylee

Experienced management team with proven expertise in games publishing and development

  • Experienced management team led by co-founder and CEO, Debbie Bestwick, who has over 30 years of experience in the gaming sector
  • Senior management team with over 140 years’ combined experience and strong relationships across all key platforms including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Steam, Apple and Google
  • Proven capability in identifying games, bringing them to market and maximising long term revenues through a focus on lifecycle management

Focus on lifecycle management across broad portfolio of first and third party IP

  • Focus on lifecycle management to ensure long term contribution from back catalogue of titles, with over 50% of revenues in 2017 generated from existing titles, ensuring an annuity stream of revenues
  • Low risk profile when partnering with indie developers: rigorous greenlight process by Team17 de-risks new game releases and promotes sustainability for development partners
  • Strong pipeline of new game launches planned for 2018, with Yoku’s Island Express, GenesisAlpha One, Raging Justice, My Time at Portia, Planet Alpha, Forged Battalion, and Mugsters already announced across various platforms for launch in 2018