Investors Story

Team17 is a leading video games label and creative partner of own IP and third-party developer IP helping to develop and publish genre agnostic games to a wide age range of players globally.

The Group was founded in 1990 followed by the successful launch of Team17’s Games Label in 2014, the acquisition of StoryToys in 2021 and the acquisitions of astragon and The Label in 2022, with the more recent acquisition of Independent Arts Software GmbH by astragon in 2023.

Today, the Company employs over 430 people across 7 locations in 5 countries.

This excellent progress is best measured in our performance across 2022, with the Group reporting revenues of £137.4m (2021: £90.5m), gross profit of £69.6m (2021: £45.5m) and adjusted EBITDA of £48.8m (2021: £35.8m).

Our business today has three distinct growth engines:

Team17 Games Label

We are a leading games publisher with a clear focus on developing and launching the best and most eclectic indie games to serve our players, whatever their gaming preferences. We have launched a mix of internally developed and published games across all major platforms. In addition to our in-house IP, we are also a creative partner for independent developers, providing end-to-end support in the game creation process, and bringing more great games to a passionate audience.

Team17 Games Label controls a portfolio of over 700 digital revenue lines, including our iconic Worms franchise, Overcooked! and Hell Let Loose. Team17 USA, acquired in January 2022 and formerly named The Label, is actively exploring future opportunities to bring Team17 IP to mobile platforms alongside additional 3rd party titles.


StoryToys is a world-class developer and publisher of educational entertainment apps for children. We work with a number of leading brands, including The Walt Disney Company, The LEGO® Group, Penguin Books, Sesame Workshop, Apple, Amazon, and Google, bringing the world’s most popular characters, worlds and stories to life for children, making apps to help them learn, play and grow.

  • Our apps enable children to enjoy fun screen time while developing healthy digital habits at a young age.
  • Our best-in-class interactive experiences are created by a diverse team of writers, artists, musicians, programmers and designers.
  • We bring magical worlds to life, sparking curiosity and stimulating imagination at the touch of a fingertip through engaging digital activities
  • StoryToys’ apps have been downloaded over 100 million times across 120 countries, and its educational entertainment apps are produced in as many as 28 different languages.


    astragon is a leading games publisher, developer and distributor of working simulation games, targeting a broad audience from young enthusiasts to technical experts and casual gamers. Next to our own IP brands, we act as the go-to partners for third-party publishing and title distribution.

    Our well-known IPs include Construction Simulator, Police Simulator, Bus Simulator and Firefighting Simulator, all of which focus on non-violent cooperative gameplay with detailed, technical, and realistic environments across PC, console and mobile devices.

    In early 2023 astagon acquired an experienced development studio business Independent Arts Software GmBH to support current owned IP development and accelerate new IP that will launch in future years.

    Looking forward, our business is focusing on the following key business priorities:
  • Growing our market leading positions
  • Broaden IP/License Portfolio Assets
  • Leverage Skills & Capabilities to Drive Growth
  • Allocate Capital into Development and M&A Investment
  • Over the course of 2023 and beyond, Team17 looks forward to continuing to maximise our ever-growing content portfolio and operational footprint, motivating and inspiring the highly creative, world-class talent pool that underpins the business in order to meet and exceed our ambitious growth and performance goals.